Corporate vision

Efficient use of facilities, ongoing improvement, increasing efficiency, decreasing the total production cost, and providing desirable services in line with organizational promotion and improving the quantity and quality of services in order to execute the plan for respecting customers is the main policy of this company based on “Quality is our first responsibility” slogan and actions have been taken to accomplish that and we shall provide a better condition for our respectable customers through using the specialty and expertise of an efficient workforce in the fields of management, designing, engineering, planning, research and service provision by using facilities

Sanat Tahviye Zagros Company is an experienced company in the field of manufacturing jet heaters and relevant goods and it considers itself as committed to proactive role creating, knowledge based, creative, customer- oriented, and profit making in this industry. Its mission is to increase the value of the company and its products for the customers, shareholders, and workers. To accomplish this important objective, it researches the market and the international and domestic working atmosphere, utilizes efficient and modern management methods, high productivity, technology of the day, it selects excellent and top distributers and manufacturers as partners and presents proper high quality products meeting the needs and taste of customers.

The advantages of the product

۱- More than 99 percent heating efficiency
۲- Significant decrease in fuel consumption (50%) and 70% in electricity
۳- More than 7000 cubic meter per hour heat transfer
۴- Saves space because of its small size and the fact that it could be installed in high places
۵- The ability to transform fuel in most forms, gasoline, urban gas and fluid gas
۶- Creates a fresh air flow and helps ventilate the air in the hall
۷- It has the ability to regulate the environment temperature by a thermostat
۸- It is easy to fix and maintain with a reasonable price
۹- Fully automatic control system
۱۰- Throws warm air as high as 20 meters
۱۱- Meets the modern standard and safety standard
۱۲- The circuit board has a 5- year warranty and the furnace has a 3- year warranty
۱۳- The machine has a one- year warranty and enjoys a 10- year after sales service

Can be used in

Poultry farms
Livestock farms
Green houses
Industrial halls
Civil and construction projects
Sports clubs and sports salons
 Indoor pools